Custom Cars, Custom Ideas…

I’ve said it before… I love Custom Cars Magazine. This clip is from the March 1958 issue and focuses on the 1952 through ’54 Mercury. This was a period when custom cars were just beginning to lose their refinement as customizers worked more to out do themselves than to style […]

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The Car That Ate My Brain

Piero was nice enough to create the above trailer just for us. It’s an exclusive look into the latest from the Mad Fabricator Society series of DVDs. I’ve been a watcher and a fan since episode one… And they’ve been good since green, but have gotten even better with every […]

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Sloppy Seconds…

You might remember my first mention of this little a-coupe here. “SloppySeconds” has made some really good progress in the last few months and this thread is shaping up to be one of our best build threads ever. I’m still not sure about the “reversed” stance, but it is hard […]

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Another Day, Another Liner…

Check out the Futurliner #10 – one of twelve built by GM for the Parade of Progress in the 1940′s. This one restored by a team of people with fists full of cash. If you’ve ever seen it in person, you know how gorgeous it is. Coincidently, I got the […]

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Flatheads 101: 21 Vs. 24-Stud

I still can’t stop thinking about my time at the Tardel Ranch. Every now and then, a light will flip on and I’ll remember some little tid bit that Vern or Keith taught me. This one is basic and most of you probably already had a handle on it, but […]

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A Different Kind Of Liner

This one is off topic, but I loved the history and the visuals… The Flying Yankee was built as an answer to the Great Depression. When Americans fall on hard times, they fight back with technology and innovation. Both were found in spades aboard the Flyin’ Yank. Features such as […]

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“Tudor On A Tear”

This one is out of the March, 1963 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. If you know the car, it’s most likely because you stumbled across it while checking out the feature on “Lil’ Billy” (one of the most gorgeous purpose built drag cars ever built) in the same issue. That’s […]

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Hanging Ten On A Model-A

Cruzr posts a few amazing photos of surf rods from Hawaii in 1962. Check em all out here. Man, I’m due another trip to the islands soon.

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The Day Of The Drags 2007

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and was looking forward to getting away for a day of rest and relaxation. Most folks wouldn’t consider a drag race in Temple, TX as a prime destination for such aspirations, but those doubters have probably never been to this particular drag strip. […]

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