Wally Parks

Wally Parks died today. What can I say? What can anyone say? Wally was one of the most important people in my professional life. From the very early stages of The Jalopy Journal, he was there to teach lessons… He taught me that editorials should never be for sale. He […]

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Hawaiian Survivor…

“Tetanus Shot” stumbled upon an incredible car with a pretty important pedigree… I could have sworn that I had the issue of Hot Rod Magazine featuring the little roadster, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyone out there have it with a scanner handy? Click here for more images.

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Vintage America

An absolutely amazing collection of vintage images taken in different cities from around the country. I know this isn’t all together on-topic, but it’s interesting to see old cars in their original setting. The color medium makes everything feel so much more real. Check em out here. Thanks to San […]

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Puke Catcher…

A recent post on the H.A.M.B. got me thinking… Radiator overflow cans are one of those details on a car that you can have some fun with. Some folks keep it simple and functional while others go a little over the top. There are no rules really, just personal preference. […]

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The Mabee Special: Part 2

It didn’t take long after writing part 1 before I was contacted by the current owners and restorers of the Mabee Special. While I got the history of the car right, I missed some really important details about the car’s saviors – Jim and Lea Ann Robinson. As the owners […]

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2007 Hot Rod Revolution

Diehard hot rodders… That’s what this year’s attendees were. See, we woke up on Saturday morning to cold temperatures and severe rain. The Tardel/Cochran crew nervously setup at the park while the skies continued to leak. By 11:00 (gates opened), the rain had stopped locally but the temperatures continued to […]

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Ranche De Tardel: Day 5

We spent the day getting ready for the open house and the Hot Rod Revolution. As such, I’ve got nothing for you in the way of lessons learned or chores. Instead, I thought I would post a few random images from my trip. Click “read the rest of this entry” […]

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Ranche De Tardel: Day 4

I spent the morning doing some work on the computer and didn’t get to the shop until around 9:30. That one hour head start was all Keith needed to get the motor stabbed into the ’36. I jumped in and the two of us swapped in the radiator, hung the […]

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Ranche De Tardel: Day 3

So when I left you last we had just finished what Mr. Tardel calls a “backyard” rebuild on a 1940 Ford flathead. See, Vern builds some of the baddest flatheads on the planet and he stooped more than a little bit to teach me a thing or two… or ten. […]

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