1941 Indy 500… In Color!

Thirty minutes of 1941 Indianapolis glory… I never new this video existed. Thanks to Wvenfield for the tip! Check it out.

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A Day In A Crazy Man’s Life…

Those of you that have been around for a while most likely remember my Loratab and Soma induced posts of the past. I have back issues and when they flare, I become physically useless yet mentally inspired – in my mind at least! Well, my back hurts…

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2007 Asphalt Invitational

I’ve never been, but have always wanted to… Jay always puts on one hell of a show and I’ve heard this year was phenominal. The coverage on the H.A.M.B. looks impressive indeed… You can check it out here, here, and here.

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  It started with an idea from Kevin Lee. He wanted to build a bare chassis that he could pull to the track with his modified roadster. Once there, he would yank the motor out of his modified and set it in the bare chassis. Presto – instant light weight […]

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1929 Roadster

Roadsters… We all know the ’32 roadster is the icon of hot rodding. Even so, my favorite fenderless roadster will always be the ’29. The pinched cowl, lower deck lid profile, and short doors just do it for me. Combine those elements with a boat style windshield and the result […]

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Cab’s Latest Deck

Our own Steve Caballero is at it again with a limited edition deck. Dirty Donny took a crack at some art and Cab had Powell print them up. The result is yet another beauty in a series of hot rod inspired skate decks. The last batch sold out too quickly […]

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Friday Art Show

  We’ve had a busy morning battling server issues, but I think we might have it under control now. Excuse the mess from earlier… That out of the way, check out the art show this week. It’s especially good… The truck above sure does feel nice, doesn’t it? The stock […]

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Yeakel Brothers

This thread kind of fell through the cracks. I wouldn’t have seen it without Evel sending me a link. Essentially, a new guy found a “Yeakel Bros.” license plate frame and posted looking for some history. It wasn’t long before the H.A.M.B. faithful started drawing lines towards the legendary Yeakel […]

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The H.A.M.B. Alliance: 1 Year Down

I realize I am late on this post, but your mama always said I was better late than I was early… Bada bing! Seriously though, the H.A.M.B. Alliance passed the one-year mark on July 1. In that year, we’ve seen Alliance memberships grow at a good rate and we’ve seen the […]

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