SUHR S&C – Latest Project…

Zach is a pretty smart guy with a good eye. The result? Bad ass hot rods. This one is going to be fun to watch…

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1964 Apollo

  Milt Brown’s kit car… The Apollo featured a body built by Intermecanica in Italy and an American drivetrain, usually Buick.  This rare example is powered by a small block Chevy. It’s an interesting contrast for sure. You see delicate lines like these and you expect to hear a low […]

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A Kansas City Wedding

So one of my sisters got married in Kansas City over the weekend. It wouldn’t have seemed right if the newly weds drove off in a late-model or a limo, so Marcie and I located a local vintage car to do the duties. At the last minute, the deal fell […]

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1935 Ford 3w

I’ve always considered the ’35 Ford the step brother of the most beautiful Ford to ever leave Henry’s joint – the ’36. Don’t get me wrong, I think the ’35 is gorgeous in its own right… but the the ’36 kind of finished off what the older brother started from […]

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The H.A.M.B. Drags Are Coming!

Holy shit man… The drags are less than 30 days away! You know what that means? – Less than 30 days to feel the Ramada parking lot under your shoes. – Less than 30 days ’till you get those little butterflies before your first run. – Less than 30 days […]

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Chicken Coupe

Anyone that has ever made a top insert for an early Ford knows it’s not quite as simple as it seems like it would be… Especially if you are looking for professional results. Vergil posted a tech piece last night with his method and his super impressive results. Check it […]

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Go Drag Racing

I haven’t featured a classified ad in a while and I wasn’t really looking to do so this morning. However, Bleed’s digger inspired me. The price is reasonable and the potential is most certainly there. If I were in the game, I’d spend crazy time on the chassis doing detail […]

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A German Tank

Thanks to Flow 56 for the tip… A friend of his in Germany is building a blown hemi powered tank for the salt. His “rennabteilung” is small, but dedicated. Their aspirations? Speed week in 2008. Check out the official website for more information and for some kick ass t-shirts.

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Swingin’ Needles

I started my professional life as a graphic designer. I think that background has a lot to do with my love for gauges. The graphical meets the mechanical… I have them sitting around everywhere and while I know I will never use 90% of them, they sure are fun to […]

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