Round Up Rookies

If you are coming to the Round Up this weekend, you just have to accept that ya can’t do it all. There is just so much going on at any given time that you have to prioritize your whereabouts… Seems like it gets more and more challenging every year, but […]

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The Lone Star Round Up Is Changing Venues!

This just in… Due to the chance of rain, the fellas are moving the venue from the park to the Travis County Expo Center at 7311 Decker Lane. You can read more about the Expo center here. All check in times remain the same and the show schedule is unchanged. […]

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Roth’s ’55

  Steve, Franco, and I were sitting around doing some pre-Roundup bench racing last night and the subject of Roth’s 1955 Chevrolet came up… After getting his first pay check from the plastic model folks, Roth blew it all on a brand new Chrysler. Two days later, he had the motor stripped […]

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Robert E. Petersen

  When I’m asked the age old question about people I would like to have dinner with, Mr. Petersen has always been on my short list. He accomplished more than I have ever even dreamed about and did it with class and dignity. I had the opportunity to speak to […]

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Round Up Ready

  I spent the weekend changing oil and cleaning up my hot rods in anticipation for the Round Up. In doing so, I drove my ’38 for the first time in months. I have just been so excited about the model-a coupe that I haven’t been all that inclined to […]

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The Kennedy Coupe

Man, have we had a ton of bad ass model-a coupes built on the H.A.M.B. or what? You got Rolf, Loudpedal, Bass, etc… The list could easily go to ten and beyond if I wanted to get serious with the search engine. The latest comes from Kennedy and it is […]

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The New Paso

I can remember watching “A Desperate Generation” a decade or so ago and pondering how cool it was to have so many folks working together (and seperately) in an effort to get a bunch of hot rods and customs ready for an event. The documentary went from shop to shop […]

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Introduction To Speed

Stop me if I’ve told ya this story before, but my first memory of speed comes from the late 70′s… I was three, maybe four at the time. My dad had a heavily hot rodded, twin-turboed Corvette that he cherished. I can vividly remember sitting on the car’s console, grabbing the […]

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Powered by Cadillac

Putting a big motor in a little car has long been a tradition of hot rodding. The first and most obvious transplant was the Ford v8 into a model-a. The dry lakes changed forever… And then of course, the overhead motors came out. It was only a matter of time before […]

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