The Kennedy Koupe

If you aren’t keeping up with this one, you are missing out. Kennedy has been building the little coupe for a while now and his latest pictures just go further to prove how well he understands the subtleties of an all-business traditional hot rod. The industrial grey contrasts so well […]

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A Look Back: Hot Box

A few years ago, we had a member on the H.A.M.B. attempt something like this. He took an early Ford cowl and cobbled together a wood body as best he could. The outcome, in my opinion, was less than attractive but the idea really intrigued me.

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2007 Alliance Tags

I know folks have been wondering what the 2007 H.A.M.B. Alliance tags are going to look like. I was really tempted to change up the design and go with something smaller or… just different… but I decided to keep the design as is with a simple color change. Why try […]

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San Fran Rod & Custom Show

Spent the weekend hanging out with pals at the Tattoo show here in Austin (great job Marcy!) and am just now getting caught up on the H.A.M.B. Looks like we had some decent coverage of the Hot Rod show in San Fran. The car pictured above really hit me… At […]

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Motor Trend Classic

You fellas know about my general distaste for most print publications in the automotive world. There’s no need to keep beating that dead, bloated, and decaying horse. However, it might surprise you to know that I found passion in a place so dark that I had originally thought such a […]

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The Board Track

The 1920′s were the golden era of board track racing in America. The dominating Millers and Duesenbergs of the day are often considered the precursors to the hiboy hot rods of the 40′s and of course, the roaring track roadsters that tore up the dirt a few decades later. I’ve […]

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Home Builds

I love projects like these. A guy finds an old hot rod and decides to shake the dust off and bring it back to life. For the most part, it’s just him in his garage with his thoughts. Those thoughts often turn into long considerations of form and function and […]

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Oil Can Parts Bin

Coop stumbled across the above parts bin made from old oil cans at a yard sale. He posted it on his blog and I fell in love. After some begging, he posted construction details tonight. Check it out.

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Kent Fuller Wants You!

Hot Rod legend Kent Fuller is getting closer on his streamliner. In fact, it looks like records will start dropping like flies in 2008. The only thing is, Kent needs some help in both the financial and artistic side of his racing team. Do you have some extra dough laying […]

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