Off To Start A Revolution

This is the last post of the week fellas. I’m off to Northern California to start a revolution… I’ve really been looking forward to this show as kind of a wrap up to my season and a test for new things to come. This is a big time for us and we […]

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H.A.M.B. Member “chopolds” builds a rad custom air cleaner and does a nice little writeup… It’s obviously inspired by an early Cad unit, but I love the way he made it his own. Some great thinking here. Read it!

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RIP: Custom Rodder

Word on the street is that Custom Rodder is no more. History. Outtaaahere. Gone like Gandhi. Off the racks. Believe it or not, The Jalopy Journal has actually had a fairly storied history with the publication. In the late 90′s we had the “Dave Hill Wars” and it seemed like […]

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1/4 Mile Rookie

Close friend and worldly known artist, Dennis McPhail, made his first ever pass down the quarter mile at MoKan this weekend. He started off a bit shaky, but by the end of the day was turning low 13 second quarters at over a hundred miles per in his small block […]

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H.A.M.B. Drags 2006

What started with hot sun and tons of beer ended with burning rubber and wet skies. The drags got started on Saturday just before 4:00pm and ended at around 8:30 when a bolt of lightening cut power to the track. It was almost as if it was a sign of […]

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In Stitches

Remember Rolf’s model-a project? He’s decided to do the interior himself and as a result, we get one hell of a nice technical article on his methods… Very cool. Thanks Rolf! Read all about it!

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Rod & Kulture Magazine

There are a ton of small hot rod/custom/culture magazines out there. Some of them are small and really well done (think Magneto) while others are more widely distributed and less viable as a source of quality reading. The standard that they all pretty much have to live up to is […]

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Over Again

A few weeks ago Kevin Lee gave me the idea for an article. He mentioned how interesting it was to view the life span of a custom from above and to watch the car morph from version to version as the owner grew along with his art. Some of these […]

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A Few Tools Short

These next two weeks are going to be crazy for me. In just five short days I will be hosting the 4th annual H.A.M.B. Drags followed by my first west coast show ever – The Hot Rod Revolution. It’s a crazy schedule that was spawned by Tardel and I one night […]

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Through the years we’ve had some pretty amazing articles pop up here on The Jalopy Journal. The following is just a few of them:

  • Tom Cobbs

    The story of Tom Cobbs, his legacy, and his hot rod roadster. Read: Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

  • The Bob Roddick Story

    The story of a set of lost photos that literally take us all back into time. Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4.

  • The Ferrari Shoot

    Comparing and contrasting three very different cars with three very different purposes in life. Read It >>

  • Inspiration

    This post is actually a continuation of two other posts that were written in 2006 (Part 1 & 2). The stuff you guys came up with is breathtaking.

  • Gary Howard

    Gary is one of my heroes and after interviewing him, I got to check off an item from my dream list. Read It >>