Jumpin’ Johnny

So this email shows up in my inbox this afternoon touting an event called the “Carnival” featuring Jumpin’ Johnny’s Crash-A-Rama stunt show. I was getting ready to toss it in the spam trap when I noticed a YouTube link. My curiosity got the best of me and I clicked away… […]

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Mystery Roadster?

According to a H.A.M.B. member, this little roadster recently made an appearance at an east coast NSRA event. All that is really known at this point is that it was featured in a 1953 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. I’d love to find out more as the little sports car […]

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Tradition Takes Sacrifice

“Traditional hot rods and customs are mainstream now. They built one on Overhaulin’ for gods sake… And I hear John Favreau is doing a movie on the subject. Hell, a pixar movie actually has the words ‘Von Dutch’ in the dialog. And have you been to a swap meet lately? Prices are […]

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The Asphault Invitational

The Asphault Invitational is one of those smaller shows that gets national attention from those that really count. Guys pack it up and head to Northern Cali from hundreds of miles away simply because they know they will be sharing the park and showing their art with like minds. It’s […]

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Brass Tags

It’s ironic that on a week where I find myself laboring over the stamping of hundreds of H.A.M.B. Alliance tags I should stumble across this link. Make your own brass nameplates – It’s actually a pretty simple process… Perfect for your own firewall/dash VIN tags.

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The Milwaukee Mile

Penfifteen was nice enough to post his shots of various vintage race cars sitting on the Milwaukee Mile a few days ago. Somehow I missed it, but they always say you are better late than never… I’ve spent most of the morning studying and dreaming. My biggest single take-away? Functional design mixes […]

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This Side Up

Marcie and I got “stuck” in Vegas a few years ago when the radiator in my ’65 Riviera lost itself on the road home from Paso. It was a pretty helpless feeling as it was late Saturday night, no radiator shops were open, and I had to be back to work […]

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Resident motor man Racefab from Engines by Freddy decided to open the school house doors last night. The result? A complete and total break down of the venerable “Camel Hump” Small Block Chevy head… Read the gospel and take notes fellas.

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Tornado Design & Von Dutch

I can’t stand the Von Dutch subject anymore. I’m sick of the marketing that made the brand mainstream. I’m tired of the underground that spouts Kenneth Howard chants. I’m absolutely angered by the ignorance of the whole thing. It’s just an exhausted story. It’s for those reasons that I almost […]

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