The Quickie…

I took a quick browse through the tech archives last night and ran across a great little article written up by Artiki. Nothing beats the look and functionality of a quickchange rear hanging out the back of a traditional hot rod. And does it get any better than an early […]

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We Have Sponsors!

For the first time ever, we are offering sponsorships on The Jalopy Journal. My feelings towards advertising and this medium¬†are well recorded in a number of places. Put shortly, I have never offered the opportunity simply because I didn’t want to taint my editorial or distract readers from my message. […]

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Disturbingly Kool

“KCsledz” started this week’s art show with one of his amazing letter press posters, but I want to save that feature/tech article¬†for another day (soon). Today belongs to “FlyingPolock” and his wickedly accurate propaganda style that seems to be popping up everywhere. I’ve always loved early propaganda art as it […]

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The H.A.M.B. Gas Rails

It started a few years ago… Kevin had the initial idea for a “parasite” digger and took the time to share his thoughts in what has now become a historically significant thread. Sam took it from there and started laying out what he thought would be appropriate rules. Fellas listened […]

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Grand Prix

Stolen from Jalopnik and a little off topic, but I had to post it… Rumor has it that the best damn car movie ever made will soon be available on DVD. Grand Prix, a 1966 movie made by John Frankenheimer, touts some serious gear slamming footage in some of the […]

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Ford Galaxy

Most won’t agree with my tastes, but the early 60′s era Galaxies and Sunliners are the last cars Ford made that I would park in my garage. I love the Galaxy for it’s “business man” appeal and racing heritage and the Sunliner for it’s incredible lines. Both cars are tied […]

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Hot Rod Type

I love staring at vintage hot rod photographs. It takes a bit of a compulsive person to do it to the degree that I do, but with that sickness comes a reward of sorts. After hours of staring at the same poorly lit black and white photos, details begin to […]

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Tom Hanna

Back when the Jalopy Journal world headquarters was located in Kansas City, we used to take trips through Wichita pretty regularly. Every time we rolled through Kustom City, we made it a point to stop at a shop or two and check out the local action. One of those shops […]

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Knecht Equipment Company

Karl Knecht runs a small shop in Arlington, TX that turns out some of the nicest gauge panels we’ve seen since the early days of Stewart Warner. On most of his panels, he starts with a gorgeous aluminum casting and then back fills it with an engine turned stainless insert. […]

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Through the years we’ve had some pretty amazing articles pop up here on The Jalopy Journal. The following is just a few of them:

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    The story of Tom Cobbs, his legacy, and his hot rod roadster. Read: Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

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  • The Ferrari Shoot

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  • Inspiration

    This post is actually a continuation of two other posts that were written in 2006 (Part 1 & 2). The stuff you guys came up with is breathtaking.

  • Gary Howard

    Gary is one of my heroes and after interviewing him, I got to check off an item from my dream list. Read It >>