The Lightnin’ Bug

Von Franco told me over BBQ one night that he was obsessed with this car. He’s now built clones of it in two different iterations – both of them top notch. His latest version, the lightnin’ bug, is a clone of the car that really got Norm Grabowski started… See, it was […]

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Tradition and Innovation: Part II

A few months ago I wrote an article on the journal about design and inspiration. The general idea behind my thinking was that traditional hot rods and customs don’t have to be stuck in a time vacuum. Traditional cars can and should have just as strong a focus on innovation […]

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Ed Roth & The Berry Wagon

It’s always good to see historically significant cars headed in the right direction. I’m not sure the Ed Roth painted Berry Wagon could have ended up in any better hands than Larry’s. He’s doing everything he can to preserve Roth’s strokes by carefully cleaning and polishing what is left of them. It’s […]

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Steve Hendrickson

We lost Steve this morning. His wife knows that he is up there driving around in a little roadster as I type this… I’m going to miss him more than I can really type, but I’m also relieved he is done fighting. We lost a big one fellas… One of […]

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Frank Palmer

A group of us piled into my ’65 Buick Riviera to get a bite to eat after a long day at the fairgrounds in Wichita, KS. Mexican food was the answer, so we headed for a little dive on the north side of town. As we thumbed through the menu […]

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Henry Ford’s Hideout

“A focal point for research at Fair Lane was Henry Ford’s Experimental Laboratory. Located on the top floor of the Powerhouse, this area was used from approximately 1919-1924 as a place where work could be conducted in seclusion, away from prying eyes. The experimental labratory room was a precursor to […]

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The Hot Rod Revolution

Last week we announced pre-registration for the H.A.M.B. Drags. This week, we are announcing pre-registration for the first annual Hot Rod Revolution. This is going to be a very special little show in northern California… It’s one of those things that just comes together, ya know? Tardel and I were […]

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Square Birds

The late 50′s was a weird period of excess stemming from designers that were over influenced by the jet age. As a result, the cars coming out of Detroit are “love it/hate it” affairs for me. I love the ’58 Chevrolet. I can’t stand ’58 Thunderbirds… Or so I thought. Racy and […]

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The History Of The Whitewall: Part 2!

So after writing yesterday’s little side bar on whitewalls, I decided it would be fun to post the article that spawned it (originally published in Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine). Although the writing is embarrassingly bad, it does feature some pretty neat interviews with Barris and Roth. Dig it. Cruising down […]

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