The Paso Blues

I woke up early Sunday morning, hopped on I35 and headed to Dallas to take care of some family business. About 40 miles north of Austin I noticed the ass profile of a chopped model-a coupe ahead of me. I gained on him and as I did other hot rods […]

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The Friday Art Show: Tingler

A great Friday art show has emerged this week on the H.A.M.B. I think my favorite pieces this week have come from Tingler. He always does such an incredible job with color… Much of his work reminds me of early Roth and Williams stuff only in high definition. View all […]

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Kill Yourself With Lead

Body filling with lead really is a long lost art. I was stoked to see H.A.M.B. member “chopped50ford” post a great little tech article on the process. If you’re into the same gig and want to lend us some pointers, do it here!

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Old Car Shit

Clark recently got a call to go check out some old fart’s stash¬†and the picture above is what he stumbled upon. It’s scenes like this that make traditional hot rodding what it is. A fella doesn’t even really have to have a car to enjoy the pieces of the puzzle […]

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One Done Model-A Coupe

Rolf finishes up the build of his model-a coupe with a great tech piece on his roof insert. For more shots of the completed car, check out this thread.

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The Devil Is In The Details

Lets get it out there from the start – Glass cars aren’t my bag. One of the great assets of traditional hot rods is their tangible sense of history and soul. To me, this personality simply can’t be duplicated. It’s born more than it’s made and I’ve never felt that […]

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Coop’s Blog

Like it or not, Coop is a big part of today’s car culture. His devil girl art work and the stickers that resulted are¬†currently going through the “so common they are cliche” phase as they work their way to their eventual spot on the pop culture list of things that […]

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“Cars” is coming…

cars.jpg I know… This has nothing to do with our movement or our purpose, but I just can’t wait to see this cartoon. The lowrider ain’t no gringo. Rad. Check out the new trailer. Check out “Cars” on the H.A.M.B. Editors Note: Did you know that the H.A.M.B.’s own Jive-Bomber […]

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Vintage MoKan Racing Action

vintageMoKan.jpg Sodbuster posted a batch of pics from MoKan Dragway circa the late 1950′s. If you are unfamiliar, MoKan is the venue for the annual H.A.M.B. Drags and possibly the best kept racing secret in the country. What I love about vintage shots like these is the details you can […]

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