Faye Gets Dolled Up

Action Girl’s Chevy is just about done. This is one of those cars that starts a day dream. It’s late ’56 and dad decided to buy a brand new ’57 Chevrolet. Of course, you get the hand me down and quickly start to work. Body mods are out of the […]

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Design Inspiration

A lot of folks claim that traditional hot rods and kustoms are stuck in a vacuum sans innovation. I’ve never felt that we as a genre have even gotten close to the rim of this cup and have a long way to go till we run over. Innovation doesn’t have […]

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One of the greatest things about old cars is the passion and the creativity that commitment brings out in people. Through the years I’ve seen some amazing stuff come together with respect to books, art, videos, cars, etc… Road Apple is the latest genius. He sent me some t-shirts a […]

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The Small Block Chevrolet

“The small block chevy is dead to the cool.” “Everyone runs one.” “It’s like a belly button.” …………….. My pops and I used to campaign a ’67 Vette S/C car in the sportsman class of NHRA and in some of the “heavy hitter” classes of IHRA. Our motor was based […]

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Introducing: Featured Classifieds

The H.A.M.B. classifieds have become one of the biggest features of the site. While the functionality is still a work in progress, we are still seeing some pretty great deals pop up. I thought it would be cool to feature these every now and then. Brewsir’s 1941 Ford Coupe served […]

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Repro Steel

Brookville’s 3w coupe body is ready to go and I’m conflicted by the whole thing. A few years ago my wife and I flew into Austin for the Lonestar Roundup only to be greeted by Reggie and his ’32 5w coupe. He threw us the keys and let us drive […]

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Where did Harry Westergard go?

The custom car movement is one based around the taste of its followers. As builders influence other builders and as time rolls, tastes change and morph. Eventually, competitive spirits take over and what was once a styling exercise becomesĀ an arms race. Hundreds of body mods, crazy colors, scallops, flames, foggs, […]

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Simple Hot Rods

I have a soft spot for model-a coupes. There is just something so utilitarian about them when done right. I don’t necessarily think there is a formula to follow or a combination of parts to swear by, but there is certainly some commonality between the examples I am drawn too. […]

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Hot Rod Books

I was living in Norman, Oklahoma when I first caught the traditional hot rod bug. While I still consider Norman to be the capital of this great country, it’s not exactly a hot bed for traditional hot rods and kustoms. Without the inspiration around me, I had to find it […]

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Through the years we’ve had some pretty amazing articles pop up here on The Jalopy Journal. The following is just a few of them:

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    The story of Tom Cobbs, his legacy, and his hot rod roadster. Read: Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

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    The story of a set of lost photos that literally take us all back into time. Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4.

  • The Ferrari Shoot

    Comparing and contrasting three very different cars with three very different purposes in life. Read It >>

  • Inspiration

    This post is actually a continuation of two other posts that were written in 2006 (Part 1 & 2). The stuff you guys came up with is breathtaking.

  • Gary Howard

    Gary is one of my heroes and after interviewing him, I got to check off an item from my dream list. Read It >>